Diablo 4 Helltide Tracker

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What are Helltides?

Helltides are powerful world events where the barriers between Hell and Sanctuary become thin. These events are characterized by dark skies, meteor showers, and an increased presence of powerful demons led by Lilith's forces. By defeating these foes, players can earn a unique currency known as Aberrant Cinders, used to access special Helltide Chests.

Active Helltides can be identified by a red sky and red markings on your map. Helltides last for about an hour in each region they affect.

Requirements to join

Players need to have reached World Tier 3: Nightmare difficulty to participate in Helltides. Once you're eligible, you can explore the regions affected by Helltides on your own or with a group.

Waypoints are essential for quick movement between regions affected by Helltides.

Rewards from Helltides

The primary goal during a Helltide event is to defeat demons and collect Aberrant Cinders. These cinders can then be used to unlock various Helltide Chests that are scattered throughout the region. Each chest type requires a different amount of cinders and offers distinct rewards.

  • Tortured Gift of Protection: Contains items like Boots, Chest, Helm, Gloves, and Pants. (Requires 75 cinders)
  • Tortured Gift of Jewelry: Offers jewelry items. (Requires 125 cinders)
  • Tortured Gift of Weaponry: Provides weapons. (Requires 150 cinders)
  • Tortured Gift of Mysteries: This chest has a chance of giving unique and legendary items. (Requires 250 cinders)

Keep an eye out for other valuable materials during a Helltide, such as:

Forgotten Soul
Forgotten Soul
Rare Crafting Material

Found during the Helltide. Used to improve sacred and ancestral items. Is it a stone, an organ, or something else? Indescribably, it is all of these things.

Fiend Rose
Fiend Rose
Rare Crafting Material

An exceptionally hard to find herb. Found during the Helltide, when Sanctuary gives way to Hell's influence. Used at The Alchemist to craft Potions, Elixirs, and Incense.

Strategies for Helltides

  • Chest Location: The Tortured Gift of Mysteries chest appears only when you're nearby.
  • Farming Specific Items: Choose chests based on the items you need, as they offer gear for specific slots.
  • Collecting Cinders: Open Wretched and Tortured Souls and normal chests for more cinders.
  • Avoid Penalties: Dying causes a loss of cinders. Make sure to spend them before it's too late.
  • Event Duration: Helltides are active for about an hour, so keep an eye on the timer.
  • Use Consumables: Make use of items like Elixirs to boost your performance.
  • Team Up: Playing with a group can provide advantages like shared experience.
  • Meteors: Watch out for falling meteors and look for Elites they often spawn.

How does the Helltide event tracker work?

The Diablo fan community can be incredibly generous. We found this excellent thread by shalzuth on Reddit with helpful data on Diablo 4 event timers, which explains how they're on a predictable pattern. Based on those timings, we coded a basic JavaScript solution for monitoring Helltides and we're working on more Diablo 4 event trackers that'll be available soon!