Diablo 4 Build 1.1.2 Patch Notes

All Platforms — August 15, 2023

Gameplay Updates

  • Reduced spawn time for Malignant Monster after activating a Malignant Heart from 5 seconds to 2.
  • Players now default to the Trade Channel; opt-out available in settings.

Dungeons and Events

  • Resolved issues in Nightmare Dungeons regarding repeatable sessions by changing party leader.
  • Addressed a problem stopping the Gathering Legions event's progress post defeating enemies.


  • Resolved multiple casting issues and glitches related to Boulders, Agitated Winds, and the Aspect of the Alpha Werewolf.


  • Addressed several quest progression issues, including ones related to Fury Against Fate, Iron Skin Elixirs, Call of the Ancients, and crafting side quests.


  • Fixed display errors on the World Map, Season Journey menu, item linking in chat, and World Boss notifications.
  • Corrected tooltips for various Caged Heart items.


  • Resolved teleporting issues, interaction glitches with certain objects, and errors related to specific skills and vendors.
  • Addressed visual issues and bugs related to item equipping and display.
  • Implemented stability and performance enhancements, along with fixes for Shop Cosmetics.

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