Where to Find Ashava The Pestilent in D4

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World Boss Guide

As you traverse various world regions, you might stumble upon Ashava The Pestilent, a formidable World Boss. Considering the immense power of World Bosses, collaboration with fellow players becomes essential. Conquering this beast offers precious loot and a unique item: the Scattered Prism, which is vital for enhancing specific gear pieces.

Upon completing the main campaign, you'll start noticing World Bosses like Ashava The Pestilent. Your map will display a specific indicator for these bosses, along with a timer and details about the exceptional rewards obtainable within a certain timeframe after defeating the boss.

Here's a comprehensive guide to locating and vanquishing the Ashava The Pestilent World Boss.


Keep an eye out for World Bosses at the following locations:

  • The Crucible in Fractured Peaks
  • Saraan Caldera in Dry Steppes
  • The Seared Basin in Kehjistan

When a World Boss is active at these spots, you'll notice a countdown to the World Boss's emergence—this window to join the battle is limited. You can also see the timer on your map if you hover over the World Boss icon. One thing you'll noticed with these massive battles is it forces the camera perspective to pull back, emphasizing the epic scale of the encounter.

Boss Attack Mechanics

  • Double Swipe: Initiates a full-circle ground carve followed by a half-circle. Beware of its devastating reach and potency. Evade promptly and avoid returning prematurely.
  • Leap: Prepares and lunges at you, potentially causing a knockdown. Watch her stance and position yourself anywhere but directly ahead to dodge the substantial damage.
  • Ground Pound: Strikes the ground and then quickly swipes. While the initial hit aims to pull you closer, the swipe inflicts significant harm. Use the pounding cue to dodge effectively.
  • Acid Spit: Projects three poisonous blobs that persist for a short duration.
  • Bite: At close quarters, executes a series of four bites. The final one, more pronounced, deals amplified damage.
  • Given that all of Ashava's moves deal Poison damage, stocking up on Poison Resistance can help.

Combat Strategy

The health bar of a World Boss is segmented into four parts. Progressing through each section not only elevates the battle's difficulty but also provides healing aids. Positioned below the health bar is a stagger meter, which fills as the boss endures Crowd Control (CC) effects. A full stagger meter incapacitates the boss for a brief period, granting players an opportunity to maximize their damage output. Each World Boss exhibits a unique response to staggering. In the case of Ashava The Pestilent, her blade arm becomes irreparably damaged, reducing her combat efficiency.


Beating Ashava The Pestilent rewards players with a plethora of treasures, including exclusive weekly bonuses, Scattered Prisms, and Legendary equipment. Additionally, a treasure chest gives extra gear, gold, and gemstones.