How to Beat The Butcher in D4

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Who is The Butcher?

The Butcher is a random boss in Diablo 4 that might appear in dungeons.

  • Location: Can randomly emerge in Dungeons.
  • Quest: Not tied to any specific quest.
  • Optional: Players might finish the game without ever encountering The Butcher.
  • Single Attempt: If players escape or die, The Butcher disappears with potential loot. A single attempt is allowed.
  • Loot: Possible drops include The Butcher's Cleaver, up to 1 Legendary, and 3 Rare gear pieces.

Finding The Butcher

The Butcher is a fierce demon with a potential to emerge in any dungeon or cellar room to players of any level. Upon spotting players, he lets out his iconic shout, "Fresh meat!", then pursues relentlessly. Players will also hear his distinctive theme music.

He might show up when players are in a group or even in Nightmare Dungeons unpredictability. However, there are places he won't visit: campaign-related locations, open areas, and he never reappears in a dungeon once he's been encountered. If The Butcher bests players or if they evade his pursuit, he leaves behind a pool of blood on the ground.

Attack Pattern

The Butcher uses various attacks, some of which become more powerful on higher tiers.

  • Double Swing: Quick close-range attack.
  • Headbutt: A strong, slow headbutt.
  • Sickle Grab: Pulls distant players closer.
  • Mighty Roar: Slows players down and sometimes restores his shield.
  • Charge: Dashes and pushes players.
  • Bloody Frenzy: Increases attack speed and can heal him.

Combat Strategy

Fighting The Butcher requires both distance and pattern recognition. While players should ideally maintain a gap, it's vital to understand his attacks. Obstacles and terrain can be a significant advantage, especially when he's solo. Encounters with other adversaries while facing The Butcher add to the challenge but can also offer opportunities, like obtaining potions from elite monsters. Battling as a group will help divert his focus.

Key combat indicators include breakpoints on his health bar, signifying the progression of the fight and dropping essential healing items. Players should be wary, especially on Nightmare and Torment difficulties, where his low health can suddenly be bolstered by a replenishing barrier.


The Butcher has been a regular feature in the Diablo series and other Blizzard games.

  • Appears in all main Diablo titles and Diablo Immortal.
  • Referenced in Overwatch via a Roadhog skin.
  • Featured in Heroes of the Storm with a passive skill named "Fresh Meat".